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Student Health Insurance
Policy Statement
Robert Morris University is committed to offering a student health insurance policy that balances the cost of the premium with quality health insurance coverage to meet the needs of our students. In order to achieve an affordable option, RMU has a mandatory hard waiver policy for select groups of students.

Participation Requirements
The University requires that all traditional undergraduate students, both full-time and part-time, carry health insurance. Additionally, graduate students in the following groups will be required to carry comparable health insurance coverage or buy coverage from RMU's provider:
  1. Resident Students
  2. International Students
  3. Club Sport Participants
  4. Nursing and Nuclear Medicine Students
  5. Intercollegiate Athletes
Cross registered students are not permitted to participate in the RMU Student Health Plan.  

Waiver Information
Students should verify that their insurance plan meets the minimum requirements set forth below:
  1. Hospital Coverage
  2. Ambulance Coverage
  3. Emergency Room Services
  4. Policy Maximum of $100,000
  5. Pre-existing condition coverage
  6. Maternity coverage
Alternative insurance coverage must be active for all terms in which the student is enrolled during the academic year. Alternative insurance coverage is subject to verification by Robert Morris University. Students should ensure that their insurance coverage will be accepted within reasonable proximity to the Robert Morris University campus.

2022 - 2023 Academic Year:
Proof of comparable medical insurance coverage must be provided online by Sunday July 31, 2022 for the upcoming 2022 - 2023 academic year, or you will automatically be enrolled in the RMU Student Health Plan provided by UPMC Health Plan, and your student account will be charged $2,332.92.  Coverage is from August 1, 2022-July 31, 2023.

Proof of comparable medical insurance coverage must be provided online 
by Saturday December 31, 2022 for students enrolling in Spring 2022 or will automatically be enrolled in the RMU Student Health Plan provided by UPMC Health Plan, your student account will be charged or $1360.87. Coverage is from January 1, 2023- July 31, 2023.

Personal Insurance information must be entered before each Academic Year:
July 31st for Fall enrollment, and Dec. 31st for Spring enrollment.
Failure to do so will automatically enroll and charge the student for the RMU Plan by UPMC.

To provide the University with current insurance information:
1. Log on to our website
2. Click the words "Student Insurance"
3. You are now in E-Services-- login to Sentry Secured Services using the STUDENT'S username and password.
4. Scroll down the page until you see Academic year 2022-2023, and the word "Add" or "Update"
5. This will bring you to the insurance screen, enter all fields that are required, including effective date.  If you do not know the effective date, you can use 08012022.  If you do not have a group # you can enter all zeros. If you carry Tricare Insurance you would use your Social Security # for the Member ID#. The information will be automatically provided to the university.     

Calls to University offices, verbal statements, and written correspondence on tuition payments do not constitute waivers of coverage.

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