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Section 5. Roles of Administration

5.1 The Dean of Students Office is responsible for the coordination of support and advisory resources that are available to complainants and accused students involved in the University Student Conduct Process.  The Dean of Students Office, may guide parties to resources for on-campus counseling, procedural advice or personal support as necessary. 

5.2 The Dean of Students Office is responsible for the overall supervision of the University Student Conduct Process, the appointment of University Conduct Appeals Board members, and the confirmation of their decisions, except as otherwise provided herein.

5.3    The Dean of Students or his/her designee directs all case resolution and data collection activities of the University Student Conduct Process; provides case management services; assigns Conduct Advisors; and, provides training, advising, and educational programming to members of the University community concerning the University Student Conduct Process. The Dean of Students and/or his/her designee administrates the University Student Conduct Process, approves informal resolutions to conduct complaints; appoints University Student Conduct Board Members and Chairpersons; confirms University Student Conduct Board decisions; advises or arranges for the legal advisement of the University Student Conduct Process consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

5.4 The Conduct Advisors are professional staff members who educate complainants and accused students with regard to University Student Conduct Process procedures; act as case managers in reaching informal resolutions of conduct complaints; and, manage referrals to University and community resources designed to assist in fulfilling conduct sanctions. The Conduct Advisors will also offer follow up support for students subsequent to the resolution of their conduct cases.    

5.5 The Conduct Board Chairperson is a professional staff member assigned to advise a University Student Conduct Board or University Conduct Appeals Board.  He/she will preside over the formal board meeting process to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed correctly.  When a case is remanded to a board, the assigned Conduct Board Chairperson will also assume the role of Conduct Advisor to the complainant and the accused party.  The Conduct Board Chairperson will be a non-voting member of the board except in cases where a tie vote must be broken.