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Section 1. Organization Philosophy

1.1 The Trustees and President of Robert Morris University have delegated authority to the University Student Conduct Process to adjudicate cases alleging violations of the Code of Student Conduct by Robert Morris University students.    

1.2 The procedures included herein apply to the resolution of matters of academic misconduct, social misconduct and related matters.  Matters of academic conduct may be resolved via the University Academic Integrity Policy guidelines and/or referred to the University Student Conduct Process as deemed appropriate. 

1.3 Supervision of the University Student Conduct Process is the responsibility of the Dean of Students Office.  Implementation of these procedures is the responsibility of the Dean of Students or his/her designee, in cooperation and consultation with appropriate representatives of the University community.  

1.4 Robert Morris University is an institution of higher learning where individual growth and development are fostered, excellence is pursued, and the highest standards of integrity are expected in all areas of life.  Robert Morris University is committed to providing an environment where persons are safe, property is secure, individual rights of all persons are respected and education of the highest quality is achieved.

1.5 The Code of Student Conduct outlines the behavior expected of all students at Robert Morris University, both undergraduate and graduate. Having voluntarily enrolled at Robert Morris University, all students have entered into an agreement to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Code of Student Conduct.  Each student is responsible to modify his or her behavior to adhere to the requirements of this code and applicable federal, state, and local laws.  

1.6 Violations of the Code of Student Conduct will be adjudicated by the University Student Conduct Process, which is designed to reflect and support the educational mission of the institution and to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals and groups charged with or victimized by student misconduct. Violations of RMU’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence will be adjudicated in accordance with that policy.   

1.7 The decision to pursue allegations of student misconduct through the University Student Conduct Process will be consistent with the philosophies and guidelines outlined in this publication.  Sanctions of the University Student Conduct Process are designed to be educational and to develop citizenship, responsibility and accountability in our students. 

1.8 Robert Morris University considers its Code of Student Conduct as a statement of minimal expectations and seeks to foster a commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior by the coherent, consistent, and fair manner in which it enforces its rules and regulations.  The University views its Student Conduct Process as a learning experience that is intended to result in the growth and understanding of individual responsibilities on the part of all persons.