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Student Conduct at RMU

When a large number of people live and work together in a campus community with concern for one another, it becomes necessary to formulate procedures and regulations to provide for an orderly environment. Consistent with these objectives, the University recognizes an obligation to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to meeting the academic, living/learning, and social goals established by the University and to stimulate an atmosphere of civility and civil discourse where learning and living in a secure environment can flourish.

Certain procedures and regulations have been developed by Robert Morris University to assure quality of opportunity for each student and each student group in attainment of their objectives. For many individuals, becoming a student in the University community represents the first serious challenge to accepting major responsibility. Robert Morris University considers students to be mature individuals who are responsible for establishing and accepting standards for personal and group conduct in accordance with the regulations of the University and laws of the county, state and federal government. The University Student Conduct Process was developed in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct and published University policies that may be found on the Robert Morris University web site at

The following description and explanation of the University Student Conduct Process is being provided so that all students, both undergraduate and graduate, will be aware of their individual rights, as well as to assist individuals in their personal growth and development. 

Student Conduct Philosophy
Student Conduct Process Flowchart

Student Conduct Process vs. Criminal Justice System
Student Conduct FERPA/Parent Notification Information
Student Conduct Frequently Asked Questions

Robert Morris University Code of Student Conduct
Section 1. Organization Philosophy
Section 2. Jurisdiction
Section 3. Overview of the Student Conduct Process
Section 4. University Student Conduct Board
Section 5. Roles of Administration
Section 6. Interim Suspension and Other Administrative Actions
Section 7. Rights of Complainants and Accused Students
Section 8. Responsibilities of Complainants and Accused Students
Section 9. Student Conduct Board Procedures
Section 10. Sanctions
Sanctioning Guidelines
Section 11. Appeals
Section 12. Modification of Procedures
Section 13. Disciplinary Records
Section 14. Involuntary Medical Withdrawal

2021-2022 Code of Student Conduct (PDF)

Relevant Policies
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Student Life
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