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Student Club & Organization Policies

Academic Requirements
Bank Accounts
Calendar/Scheduling Approval
Chartering a New Organization
Copying Procedures
Fund Raising
Mail Services
Service Projects
Student Organization Sponsored Dance

Academic Requirements
Only students in good academic standing (2.0 or higher) are permitted to hold office in any student organization. Students are encouraged to keep in mind the additional responsibility involved in holding an office. Club Sport teams, Greek organizations, honor societies, and specific groups may have additional academic requirements.

All student organizations are required to have a faculty or staff Advisor. Advisors must be current RMU employees and approved by the Office of Student Life. Advisors should be actively involved with the activities of the organization. Creating a positive student/advisor relationship is the responsibility of both parties.

Bank Accounts
Student organizations may elect to have a checking and/or savings account at an area financial institution. The Office of Student Life has no authority on financial matters that involve outside banking accounts. It is recommended that an organization's Advisor be at least one of the signatures on the account. This will allow for continuity from year to year since student leadership changes occur more frequently than Advisors. RMU as an established relationship with PNC Bank. The Office of Student Life can assist you with the process of opening an account at the PNC Bank on University Boulevard.

Calendar/Scheduling Approval
All chartered organizations must request calendar approval for their events. This approval is extended, but not limited to meetings, social events, fundraisers, and service projects. Requests must be submitted in writing. Calendar request forms are available at Office of Student Life and will be recorded on the Student Life Calendar. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required. Student organizations may not use University facilities without prior permission. Any violation of this procedure may result in disciplinary action taken against the organization.

Chartering a New Organization
All student organizations must receive "official recognition" in order to exist and function as a student group at Robert Morris. The Student Government Association (SGA) has been empowered to approve any new student organization charters.

The responsibilities, benefits, and privileges of having a chartered organization are as follows:
  • The organization will be eligible for Student Government Association funding.
  • The organization will be permitted to use the name Robert Morris University.
  • The organization will be permitted to hold fund-raisers.
  • The organization will have the full support and the assistance of the Office of Student Life.
  • The organization will be able to advertise organizational activities.
  • The organization will be expected to provide equal opportunity in all educational programs and activities for all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin.
  • The organization will be expected to function in the best interest of the Robert Morris community.
  • The organization's goals shall not be in conflict with that of any other chartered organization.
  • The organization will be expected to abide by all the Student Government Association, Student Life, and institutional policies and procedures.
Chartering Process
  1. Submit Proposal to the Office of Student Life
    Submit in type-written form the following items to the Office of Student Life for review:
    1. Constitution and Bylaws (Guidelines to assist you in writing these documents are below)
    2. List of at least 20 prospective members, unless otherwise stated
    3. Names and titles of the organization's student officers
    4. Name of a Robert Morris faculty or staff advisor

  2. Student Government Association Review
    When the above items have been reviewed by the Office of Student Life, the completed proposal will be submitted to the President of the Student Government Association.

    The proposed organization will be placed on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled SGA meeting. The President of the proposed organization will be notified of this action and must select a student representative to attend that meeting to formally present the request for recognition.

  3. Approval Process
    The Student Government Association will hear the request of the proposed organization, review the documentation provided, and hear discussion from the students in attendance. Discussion will occur for at least two consecutive SGA meetings. Approval can not be granted until at least the second meeting. A vote to approve the charter request will take place.

  4. Organizational Status
    If approval is granted, the Office of Student Life will train the officers of the new organization on University and department policies and procedures. A formal charter will be presented to the newly created organization.

Guidelines for Writing a Constitution
A Constitution should provide the structure for an organization, describe its purpose, and define the duties and responsibilities of the officers and members. The following outline may help you in writing such a document. Since a Constitution should be tailored to an organization, you may not need to include all the areas covered and your wording may be different.

Constitution of (Name of Organization)

Article I -- Name - The name of this organization shall be (Name of Organization)

Article II -- Purpose - General statement about the purpose and scope of the organization.

Article III -- Membership - General statement about membership eligibility and requirements. This section must include a statement of nondiscrimination. The only exemptions to this claim may be due to the sex or religious composition of the organization that is allowed by law.

Article IV -- Offices - In sections under this article, list the offices to be established, qualifications for the office, the method of selection, and the term of office. Describe the selection process and the term of office for the faculty/staff advisor.

Article V -- Officers and Duties - In sections under this article, list the duties and responsibilities of the officers identified in article IV, and others as may be appropriate.

Article VI -- Amendments - This section should explain how constitutional amendments will be made.

Guidelines for Writing Bylaws

Bylaws of (Name of Organization)

Article I -- Membership - Sections under this article should discuss and detail the various aspects of membership that may be applicable: application process (how, when, etc.), types of membership, limitations of membership, termination of membership, and reinstatement conditions.

Article II -- Committees - Sections under this article should discuss and detail standing committees (selection, power, and duties), and the power and duties of the executive committee (if applicable).

Article III -- Financial Provisions - Sections under this article should discuss and detail (if applicable) dues, initiation fees, and fines.

Other Articles - Other articles may be needed to discuss and detail the following: (Definition of quorum, Election process, Vacancies, Reports, Rules of Order, Amendments and time/place of meetings, and meeting notices).

Concert Policy
Concerts sponsored by Student Clubs and Organizations
As with University sponsored concerts, all student clubs and organizations must have approval from Student Life to hold a concert on campus. A concert may be held for all RMU students, faculty, and staff. Events can not be advertised at off-campus locations. Student clubs and organizations shall comply with event guidelines established by the Office of Student Life to ensure proper security, safety, and check-in policies. A record of all attendees must be submitted to the Office of Student Life within three business days following the event.

Security at the event will be provided by the University's Department of Public Safety at the expense of the sponsoring group. A minimum charge of $25 per officer/per hour must be paid to the Office of Student Life prior to the event.

The sponsoring organization's faculty/staff Advisor or designee approved by the Office of Student Life must be present. A representative from the Student Life Office will attend when deemed necessary.

All individuals must present a ticket and valid photo ID to enter an event. No purses, backpacks, food/beverages will be permitted in the performance.

Failure to adhere to the established guidelines may result in the organizations' loss of privileges to certain events, and may be subject to additional sanctions by the University.

Individuals and/or student organizations are not permitted to enter into verbal or written contracts with any outside vendor, entertainment agency, hotel/motel facility, transportation provider, fund raiser supplier or food service vendor without permission from the Office of Student Life. This office is responsible for assisting in negotiating the facets of contractual agreements and obtaining the proper authorization within the institution.

Copying Procedures
Student organizations are permitted to make copies of organizational materials at no charge. Student organizations representatives should visit the Office of Student Life on the 2nd floor of the Nicholson Center for assistance.

Fund Raisers
Only recognized, chartered organizations, club sports, and varsity athletic teams are permitted to conduct any form of fund-raising. All fund-raisers must be approved by the Office of Student Life. A fund-raiser is defined as any activity sponsored by an organization, which in some way is an attempt to raise monies for the benefit of the organization. All fund-raising projects must be non-discriminatory in nature. Charge card solicitation is prohibited. Any fund-raiser that includes alcoholic beverages is also prohibited. Organizations must be prepared to provide documentation of the financial results of any fund-raising project(s) if so required by the Office of Student Life. Projects designed to raise funds for outside charitable organizations are subject to the same guidelines.

Hazing Policy
RMU maintains a zero-tolerance policy with respect to hazing within the University community. This Policy applies to each act conducted on or off-campus if such acts are deemed to constitute hazing under this Policy or Pennsylvania law.


Hazing is any reckless or intentional act that produces physical, mental, or emotional pain, discomfort, humiliation, embarrassment, or ridicule directed toward other students or groups that is expected or required of new and / or current members of a team, group, or organization. Permission or approval by the person(s) being hazed is never a defense to violations of this Policy.


In addition to criminal and civil penalties, students, teams, groups, or organizations found responsible for violating this policy will be sanctioned according to the RMU Code of Student Conduct. Possible sanctions range from probation to expulsion for individual students and probation to permanent revocation of recognition for teams, groups, and/or organizations. These sanctions shall be in addition to any other sanction imposed for violation of any other University rule to which the violator may be subject.

The University reserves the right to publish reports of confirmed violations of hazing and communicate these to any parent organization operating on campus.


The University promotes the safety and well-being of every member of its community. Therefore, the University will consider providing amnesty from Code of Student Conduct violations to a student who makes a best and first effort to seek emergency medical attention for any student(s) endangered by possible acts of hazing. Amnesty under this Policy may not prevent civil, criminal, or parent organization penalties.

To report hazing, CLICK HERE.

To view the university's January 2022 Anti-Hazing Report, Anti-Hazing.

Mail Services
Outside Mail: The Office of Student Life will see that any campus or off-campus mail from your organization is sent. All off-campus mail must include the University's full return address. Mailing supplies are available in the Office of Student Life.

Organization Mailboxes: Each student organization is assigned an organization mailbox in the Nicholson Center Student Mailroom.

Incoming Mail: All incoming mail shall be addressed as follows:

Name of Organization
Assigned Box #
Robert Morris University
6001 University Boulevard
Moon Township, PA 15108

Service Projects
All student organization sponsored service projects must be registered with the Center for Student Civic Engagement located on the 2nd floor of the Nicholson Center.

Students and/or organizations must receive approval from the Office of Student Life prior to displaying any sign, flyer or poster on Robert Morris University property. Any sign without the proper identification stamp will be removed. The policy is to insure that there will be no duplication of events unless otherwise stipulated through the Office of Student Life. Signs may not be posted on the outside of any University building, on glass or painted surfaces. An ample number of bulletin boards are located throughout campus for your convenience. Postings in the Residence Halls are at the discretion of the Office of Residence Life. Postings containing foul language, references to alcohol or other wording deemed inappropriate will not be approved.

No individual or organization is allowed to sponsor an outside group, political candidate, religious group or individual, or others without approval from the Office of Student Life. Such individuals or groups must have a campus sponsor in order to speak and/or conduct business on campus.

Student Organization Sponsored Dance Policy
Student Government Association (SGA) chartered clubs and organizations may sponsor student dances on campus. Written requests must be approved by the Office of Student Life at least three weeks prior to the event with the following stipulations:
  • Organization dances may only be held on Friday and Saturday evenings during the academic year pending the availability of space on campus. The dance may not be held in conflict with designated special events on campus (i.e. Homecoming, SpringFest, etc).
  • The organization advisor, or a designee approved by the Office of Student Life, must be in attendance for the duration of the dance.
  • A Public Safety Officer will be required to attend the dance. A minimum of $25.00 per hour for this service will be charged to the sponsoring student organization. The Public Safety fee must be paid to the Office of Student Life prior to the dance date.
  • Students from other institutions ("visitors") will be permitted to attend RMU dances with certain stipulations. The dance at RMU must be sanctioned by an official organization at the visitor's school. All students attending the dance must have a valid photo college/university ID. RMU Student organizations that extend the invitation to students from other institutions are responsible for all guests' behaviors and will be subject to the RMU Student Code of Conduct and Judicial System Handbook. In addition, the college/university visiting sanctioning group must agree in writing to be responsible for and control the behavior of their students.
  • All individuals attending the dance will be required to "check-in." A record of all attendees must be submitted to the Office of Student Life on the Monday following the dance. Failure to adhere to the established guidelines may result in the organizations' loss of privileges to host campus dances, and may be subject to additional sanctions by the University.