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Why Do Community Service?

Boost Your Resume
Employers are looking to hire individuals who have expertise in their fields and who live with passion and commitment. Volunteer community service gives students the opportunity to put classroom learning into action,
to develop leadership skills, and to build their professional network.  Participating in volunteer service shows potential employers that a person is committed to working hard as well as to working for the common good.  Employers hire graduates who have a vision for their lives and who want to make a positive impact in the world.
Bobby Catley (Class of 2016) organizes a bulk mailing for the "What's on Your Plate?" Healthy Foods & Wellness Expo
Connect to the Community
Have you ever felt that you are stuck in the RMU bubble? Perhaps you sense that there is more to the Pittsburgh region than you have seen or been a part of up to this point. Community service engages you in volunteering and learning along side those who are passionate about affecting change in their communities.  As you walk side by side with folks addressing pressing social issues, your network of friends will grow, as will your sense of place and belonging.

Become an Active and Engaged Learner
One of the main objectives of the RMU experience is to develop students into engaged life-long learners. Students learn both in and out of the classroom. Community service facilitates learning by encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in challenging situations. Volunteering can change students in profound ways, as it fosters individual growth. 

Student Engagement Transcript

In 2009, RMU launched the Student Engagement Transcript (SET) - to accompany the academic transcript.  The SET allows potential employers to see the accomplishments of the applicant outside of the classroom. SERVICE is one of seven categories on the SET. When a student completes 30 hours of documented and approved community service while at RMU it will go on the SET. The Alternative Spring Break program and Big Brothers Big Sisters - mentoring at-risk children at the Mooncrest Afterschool Program - are but two examples that will meet the SET requirements. Click here to learn more!