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Nonprofit Leadership Association (NLA) Certificate Graduates:
Where Are They Now? 

Kristine Beatty 
Kristine Beatty is from Dunkirk, NY. She graduated from Robert Morris University (RMU) in 2015, with dual majors in Marketing and Management. Kristine chose to pursue the NLA Certificate because when she was a freshman she was looking into internships, and a major where she could help people. Kristine knew she wanted to make a difference. When Kristine joined the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association, she learned that she really liked volunteering and that the nonprofit sector would be a perfect fit for her. While completing her NLA Certificate, Kristine enjoyed being able to learn the basics about nonprofits, making friends, and her internships at Focus on Renewal, Course Hero, and Fern Hollow Nature Center. Upon graduation Kristine worked for Chautauqua Opportunities as a housing support specialist. Currently, Kristine works for Cap Tel - Captioned Telephones as an outreach representative.  Kristine’s interests and hobbies include hiking, camping, traveling, dancing, rollerblading, and crafts.

Molly Davis
Molly Davis is from Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated from Robert Morris University (RMU) in 2016 with a degree in Communication. Molly chose to pursue the NLA Certificate because she had always wanted to work at a nonprofit organization and she believed the certificate would be useful for what she wanted to do. Her favorite part about completing the NLA certificate was participating in the Nonprofit Boot Camp over spring break. It allowed her to network with nonprofit leaders and see the diversity of Pittsburgh's nonprofits. During her time at RMU, Molly was able to enjoy internships at the Holy Family Academy and City of Asylum. Molly now works for The Salvation Army's Western PA Divisional Headquarters as the Development Coordinator. She loves the people she works with and how passionate they are about Salvation Army's mission. Molly's interests and hobbies include reading, watching the news, going to museums, and guzzling coffee!

Sarah Hurley
Sarah Hurley is from Pittsburgh, PA. Sarah graduated from Robert Morris University in 2012 with a degree in Marketing. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Higher Education at RMU. Sarah chose to complete the NLA Certificate because she wanted to work in the nonprofit sector after college. While completing her NLA Certificate, Sarah enjoyed attending classes taught by RMU’s Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management and being involved with the NLA student organization. Sarah also enjoyed internships at Camp Adventure Youth Services in Germany and a Research Assistant position with the Bayer Center. Currently, Sarah is a Financial Aid Counselor at Robert Morris University. Sarah enjoys helping students and families understand the financial aid process, which can be overwhelming. Additionally, Sarah continues to stay involved with local nonprofits. She serves on the Alumni Leadership Committee for the Pittsburgh Promise. In her free time Sarah enjoys traveling, attending summer concerts, and hanging out with friends

Elise Oberdick
Elise Oberdick is from the North Hills are of Pittsburgh. She graduated from Robert Morris University (RMU) in 2011, having majored in Management. Elise completed graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh, receiving a Master’s degree in Education. Elise chose to pursue the NLA Certificate as a way to combine her passion for working with children in the field of Education and her interest in the Business field.  She landed a job at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh while in college and decided that the nonprofit sector was a perfect route for her to take. While completing her NLA Certificate, Elise enjoyed taking the classes taught by RMU’s Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management and the variety and diversity of organizations she was exposed to in the nonprofit sector. Elise enjoyed both of the internships that she completed - at Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. She currently works at Allegheny County Parks as the Education and Outreach Coordinator.  Her favorite part of the job is coordinating visits with educational professionals and acting as an ambassador for the County parks. She enjoys spending a lot of her time teaching outside in the parks. Elise’s interests include playing volleyball, along with coaching the girl’s junior varsity and varsity teams at Avonworth High School.

Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips is from West Middlesex, in Mercer County, PA. She graduated from Robert Morris University (RMU) in 2010, with a dual major in Hospitality/Tourism Management and Marketing, and a minor in Psychology. Jenn completed graduate school at Slippery Rock University, receiving a Master’s degree in Higher Education. Jenn chose to pursue the NLA Certificate because after taking her business classes, she realized she didn’t want to go into the corporate field, but always had a passion for nonprofits, such as the Special Olympics. While completing her NLA Certificate, Jenn enjoyed her internship at the United Way of Mercer County where she could apply what she was learning in school to her job. She currently works at Miami University of Ohio in the Residence Life Office as a Resident Director/First Year Advisor. The thing Jenn likes most about her job is being able to see when students discover their life’s purpose.  Jenn’s interests and hobbies include working out with friends and colleagues, watching Netflix, reading, and doing crafts such as quilting.

Laura Rentler
Laura Rentler, from Mount Lebanon, PA, graduated from Robert Morris University with degrees in Marketing and Hospitality/Tourism Management.  During her sophomore year, RMU, for the first time, was offering students the opportunity to earn a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.  Laura knew that the NLA Certificate Program would be of great benefit to her as she had dreams of working for a nonprofit organization even before she started college. Laura served as President of NLA and enjoyed the opportunities to volunteer and/or intern with several nonprofits including B.R.I.D.G.E.S., RMU’s Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management and Deer Valley YMCA Camp where she completed a Marketing internship. Currently, Laura works for The Association of Manufacturing Technology in the Washington D.C. area. One of the things Laura loves about her job at A.M.T. is that she is continuously learning about the not-for-profit industry.  Laura's biggest inspiration for completing her certificate came from her involvement with The Highmark Caring Place and Dr. Andrea Lurier. The Highmark Caring Place is a safe place where grieving children and families can come together and be with others who understand what they’re going through. Dr. Andrea Lurier is a program manager of The Caring Place and really helped Laura grow a passion for the nonprofit world.  When not at work, Laura loves to be outdoors running, rollerblading, walking and hiking.

Evyn Selden
Evyn Selden is from Grove City, PA. She graduated from Robert Morris University (RMU) in 2016 with a major in Applied Mathematics with a Finance concentration. Evyn chose to pursue the NLA Certificate because she interned at a nonprofit the summer before her sophomore year and knew she wanted a way to combine her academics and passions into a fulfilling career. Her favorite part of completing the NLA Certificate was having the opportunity to go to the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management in downtown Pittsburgh. She really enjoyed the curriculum that was developed by Bayer Center staff.  While at RMU, she really enjoyed completing internships at Urban Promise and Cashdollar and Associates, LLC as a finance and data intern. Evyn is currently working as a Financial Analyst at Compassion International in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The thing Evyn loves most about her job is that her career and life calling combine. On a daily basis she uses her academic skills and talents towards a mission that really means a lot to her. Evyn’s interests and hobbies include snowboarding, long distance running, and reading book series in my spare time.

Emory Sen
Emory Sen is from Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated from Robert Morris University (RMU) in 2015, with dual majors in Marketing and Management. Emory chose to pursue the NLA Certificate because she is passionate about volunteering at nonprofits and was interested in learning more about how they operate. Her favorite part about completing the certificate was attending the spring class. She found it to be very eye-opening to visit various nonprofits in the Pittsburgh area to tour their facilities, to learn about their history and missions, and to see them in action. She especially enjoyed visiting the Children's Museum. While at RMU, Emory interned at Pittsburgh Cares, where she helped to rewrite content for its website and to rebrand the organization. Emory currently works at the Information Networking Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where she provides administrative support. She enjoys working in higher education and finds it very rewarding to be able to help such a diverse group of students succeed at one of the most rigorous graduate departments at CMU. Emory’s interests and hobbies include volunteering, baking, art, traveling and playing piano and cello.

Lacey Shingle
Lacey Shingle is from Bakerton, PA, in Cambria County. She graduated from Robert Morris University (RMU) in 2013, having majored in Marketing. Lacey’s decision to pursue the NLA Certificate came from being an avid volunteer. When Amanda Musser, another RMU/NLA alum and current Development Officer at RMU, introduced Lacey to NLA and to fellow students who shared her passion, it was a natural fit. Lacey really wanted to get to know the difference between nonprofit and for-profit organizations. While completing her NLA Certificate, Lacey enjoyed completing internships with Planned Parenthood - Western Pennsylvania and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Lacey currently works for Robert Morris University as an Admissions Counselor. The thing that she enjoys most about her job is being able to communicate with potential students and their families. Lacey’s passion for RMU makes her job very enjoyable as she welcomes students into the RMU Colonial family. Lacey’s interests include going to concerts and movies, going out to to eat, and volunteering in the community.