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Patrick Henry, Lower Level

Suicide Prevention Recommendations  

The RMU Counseling Center works to enhance student welfare by the provision of basic suicide prevention education for parents, staff, and students. This education consists of enhanced awareness about potential suicidal behavior among students and includes training on the detection, identification, and referral of students who may be at risk for suicidal behavior. Designated staff will offer assistance to students, parents, and staff. 

A suicide threat is defined as any spoken, written, or behavioral indication of self-destructive tendencies with the intent of taking one’s own life. All personnel will take all such threats seriously by following the recommended protocol below.

Suicide Threats
Any RMU employee who becomes aware of a suicide threat or gesture, whether written, verbal, or behavioral, must contact the Counseling Center immediately. 

Student Suicide Attempt 
All attempted suicides should be treated as medical emergencies. The attempt may not appear lethal; however, any attempt is considered serious and requires action. University staff or faculty will not make an independent determination as to the lethality of the attempt. The management of all students who have made suicide attempts will follow the procedures for threatened suicide, and additionally will include immediate notification of the Counseling Center and further assessment.

Getting Help
During Business Hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM) - Please call (412) 397-5900 during business hour or walk the student to the Counseling Center in the lower level of Patrick Henry Center.

After Hours - Please call the RMU Police at 412-397-2424 and explain that you have an urgent situation regarding a student suicide threat or attempt.

After Getting Help: Making a CARE Team Report
Faculty and staff are encouraged to report any incident or behavior that may require an intervention or is of concern. If you are concerned about a student's behavior, please fill out a CARE Team Report Form online. The form will go to a representative of the Crisis Assessment and Risk Evaluation (CARE) Team. The CARE Team uses these reports to assist the student, while also considering the behavior’s impact on the greater campus community. The Counseling Center staff will reach out to the student if it is for a personal matter. 

Note: If this is an emergency, a CARE Team Report should be completed AFTER the emergency is reported. For more information about the CARE Team and/or to make a report, please click here.

Other Crisis Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255) 24/7 support

Re:solve Crisis Network
1-888-7-You Can (1-888-796-8226) - 24/7 support
Walk-in crisis services, and up to 72-hours of residential services (if referred after a walk-in), in North Braddock, PA
Mobile crisis support teams will travel anywhere in Allegheny County, PA

Text "START" to 741-741 - 24/7 support

Suicide Prevention Information