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Please note: All Counseling Center services are free of charge to currently enrolled students.

Counseling Center staff members are available to provide consultation for faculty and staff reg
arding issues or concerns about a student. Consultations are available in person or by telephone.

All students who schedule an initial appointment at the Counseling Center will work with a counselor to address current concerns and determine the appropriate recommendations for moving forward. Possible recommendations may include additional on-campus resources, problem-focused supportive sessions, informational self-help resources, peer supports (i.e. Wisdom Workshops), group counseling, short term individual counseling, or referral to a community provider.

Problem-Focused Supportive Sessions
A student may be recommended to attend one to three supportive sessions during a given semester to address a specific problem. Supportive sessions are not individual counseling, and the number of recommended sessions will be determined at the screening appointment.

Group Counseling
The Counseling Center currently offers four groups for students to participate in. Group assignment will be determined at a student's screening appointment or by the student's therapist. Current group topics include anxiety, skill-building, interpersonal relationships, and staying well post-therapy. More groups will be added over time, as needed. Students may only participate in one group at a time.

Short Term Individual Counseling
The need for individual counseling will be determined at a student's screening appointment. The Counseling Center utilizes a short-term model of counseling in order to accommodate the entire student body. This means that counseling sessions will focus on the issues/concerns at hand, such as separation issues, relationships, anxiety, depression, abuse, grief/loss, eating disorders, etc. If long term or more intensive treatment is required, the student may be referred to a community provider.

Psychiatric Medication Management
Psychiatric services include psychiatric evaluations and ongoing medication management.  Eligibility for psychiatric services is contingent upon recommendation by your RMU therapist and concurrent active individual counseling with an RMU therapist.  If long-term medication management is required or if a student client wishes to receive psychiatric services only, they will be assisted with referrals to psychiatric providers off-campus.

Off-Campus Referral
Students may be referred for services off-campus as a result of their screening appointment. Possible reasons for referral may include, but are not limited to, if a student is recommended for a higher level of care (more than one day per week), long-term individual therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, intensive eating disorder treatment, or if a student only wants psychiatric medication management.

Educational Workshops / Outreach
The Counseling Center and the THRIVE Program offer weekly Wisdom Workshops, monthly Thriving Thursday events, and additional educational programming designed to reduce mental health stigma. The counseling staff is also available to provide educational workshops or outreach events to student groups, faculty, and staff on various topics and issues. The sessions may be held in the residence halls, classrooms, or at any other university-owned facilities. Please provide at least two weeks notice if you want to book an event with counseling staff. 

THRIVE Program
THRIVE is a peer educator program which develops student leaders to act as mental health ambassadors of the Counseling Center. THRIVE Leaders strive to eliminate mental health stigma by developing and implementing campus-wide educational initiatives and outreach events.

Online Wellness
The RMU Online Wellness Coach will partner with online students to help them achieve desired health changes and modify their wellness-related behaviors to work toward a more balanced lifestyle.

To schedule an appointment
Please email (counseling@rmu.edu), call (412-397-5900), or stop by the Counseling Center to schedule an appointment. Prior to your first appointment, we ask that you complete the following forms: