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In cases where an individual’s behavior poses an imminent danger to yourself or others, contact the University Police immediately at (412) 397-2424.

Referring Students

Without the Student’s Knowledge
Faculty and staff are encouraged to report any incident or behavior that may require an intervention or is of concern. If you are concerned about a student's behavior, please fill out a CARE Team Report Form online. The form will go to a representative of the Crisis Assessment and Risk Evaluation (CARE) Team. The CARE Team uses these reports to assist the student, while also considering the behavior’s impact on the greater campus community. The Counseling Center staff will reach out to the student if it is for a personal matter. For more information about the CARE Team and/or to make a report, please click here.

With the Student’s Knowledge
During business hours (M-F, 9 AM-5 PM), you may do the following:
  • Contact the Counseling Center at (412) 397-5900 and explain that you have a student who would like to meet with a counselor.
  • Encourage the student to contact us at (412) 397-5900 or 
  • Encourage the student to walk in to schedule an initial appointment at the Counseling Center, located on the lower level of Patrick Henry Center (former Career Center).
  • Escort the student to the Counseling Center to schedule an initial appointment.
The Counseling Center Staff will walk you and/or the student through the intake process. 

In an Emergency Situation
During business hours (M-F, 9 AM-5 PM): Please feel free to escort the student to the Counseling Center, located on the lower level of Patrick Henry Center (former Career Center). According to the Suicide Prevention Policy, any RMU employee who becomes aware of a suicide threat or gesture, whether written, verbal, or behavioral, must contact the Counseling Center immediately. 

After hours: For a mental health crisis, call the confidential emergency line at (412) 397-5925. Please note that this phone number is for faculty and staff only and is not to be given out to or used by students. For all other emergencies, please call the University Police at (412) 397-2424 and explain that you have an urgent situation. 

For more information, please call the Counseling Center at (412) 397-5900 for a consultation.