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Educational Programs and Outreach

Educational Programs and Workshops

The Robert Morris University Counseling Center provides outreach workshops for student groups, faculty and staff on important topics for student well-being.  The Outreach Specialist has a variety of educational programs and workshops but can also create a custom workshop specifically for the unique needs of your group. 

Educational programs and workshops which are readily available include:

  •         An Overview of the Counseling Center
  •         Alcohol, Drugs & Sexual Violence
  •         Decision Making
  •         General Wellness
  •         Healthy Relationships
  •         Responding to Students in Distress: A Faculty and Staff Workshop
  •         Stress Management and Resilience
  •         Test Anxiety
  •         Suicide Prevention

To request an Educational Program or Workshop from the list above, please contact Sam Beckas at beckas@rmu.edu or (412) 397-5900 at least two weeks prior to the program.  

If you would like to request a program that is customized to your needs, please allow us one month's notice to prepare our materials.

Spring 2019 Workshop Calendar

January 23 @ 10:30am, Counseling Center: Holistic Stress Relief 

January 23 @ 4:00pm, Counseling Center: Color Your Conscious

February 12 @ 2pm, Counseling Center: Women's Health

February 13 @ 1pm, Counseling Center: Self-Care

February 14 @ 11am, Counseling Center: Relationships in College

February 19 @ 12pm, Counseling Center: Mental Health in the Black Community

February 21 @ 4pm, Counseling Center: The Importance of Sleep

February 27 @ 4pm, Counseling Center: What You Need to Know About Prescription Medications

March 12 @ 2pm, Counseling Center: Healthy Relationships

March 14 @ 2pm, Counseling Center: Alcohol Jeopardy

March 20 @ 3pm, Counseling Center: Alcohol Safety

March 27 @ 4pm, Counseling Center: Anxiety and Stress 

March 28 @ 10am, Counseling Center: Resiliency and Bouncing Back

April 2 @ 3pm, Counseling Center: Bystander Intervention 

April 17 @ 10:30am, Counseling Center: Designing a Happier Life

April 24 @ 1pm, Counseling Center: Test Anxiety

Collaborating on an Outreach Initiative

If your office or campus organization would like to collaborate with the Counseling Center on an outreach initiative (i.e. suicide prevention, mental health awareness, sexual assault prevention and awareness, alcohol awareness, etc.), please contact Sam Beckas at beckas@rmu.edu or (412) 397-5900 one month prior to the event. 

If the Counseling Center agrees to co-sponsor an event with you, any materials used for the event need to be submitted for review and approval at least two weeks in advance of the event.

We look forward to working with you!