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Online Wellness Resources

Our Wellness Circle encompasses these seven dimensions or areas of an individual’s life that make up their overall health. 

These dimensions are comprised of common characteristics, identities and behaviors. 

Assessing needs in the seven areas can help you prevent future health problems and consequences by making healthier 

choices a habit and part of your everyday life.


RMU Online Wellness Coaching:

One-on-one collaborative conversation to help online students achieve

a healthy mix between work, personal life and academic pursuits for free.

Often times in our everyday hustle and bustle we feel out of balance, and that affects our quality of life.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of support from a mentor to get motivated to achieve that balance.

Our Online Wellness Coaching is provided for busy Online Students like you to help achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Online Wellness Coaching?

A: Online Wellness Coaching is a one-on-one collaborative conversation with a wellness coach, who will partner with you to help you achieve

desired health changes.

Q: What happens at a Wellness Coaching session?

A: Every session is different, but the goal of the sessions is to have a conversation in order to identify your health needs.

We try to get to know you and your motivations behind your health behavior change and together we try to navigate a

healthy future path that fits your needs. The conversation can include a variety of health-related topics, including exercise,

nutrition, sleep, stress, life satisfaction, healthy behaviors that can lead to weight management, and many others.

Q: What to expect from your first session:

A: Every session is different, but most will follow this basic format:

1. Each session we will ask you to take a minute to fill out a survey to assess the reason that you chose to come in for a

Wellness Coaching session and your current health status.

2. Next, your Wellness Coach will facilitate a conversation where you will discuss your goals, any relevant obstacles,

and possible options for ways to accomplish the desired goal.

3. Once the way that works best for you is determined, a specific and measurable goal will be decided on and the need for

future sessions will be considered. 

Q: What can a Wellness Coach help with?

A: Wellness Coaching encompasses every area of health. Some of the possible behavior changes that could interest

someone who has decided to work with a Wellness Coach are a balanced lifestyle, healthy eating, making exercise a priority, weight

 management, stress, sleep, time management, and so many more. Every goal looks different to every individual.

A Wellness Coach is there to have the conversation that you want to have about health, whatever the subject may be.

Q: What is coaching not?

A: Although Wellness Coaches are able to discuss just about every topic related to your needs, there are times that your

needs may be outside of the scope of a Wellness Coach - in that case we may refer you to another qualified professional

who can better serve your needs.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare?

A: The only thing that you really need to be prepared with is your perspective on your health goals.  

Wellness Coaching will allow you to have the conversation to figure out the path you should take.

Q: Who needs a Wellness Coach?

A: Everyone, no matter their current health status, has the desire to feel happy with their body, to have the energy to perform daily

tasks and hobbies, and to enjoy an overall feeling of well-being and happiness. Having a partner on the journey to being healthy and well

can provide a system of support and advice where needed.

Q: How many sessions are necessary?

A: Everyone is different. At least one follow-up is suggested from the perspective of goal-setting. For some individuals, a series of

sessions is helpful to work on their health goals.

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