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Hospitalization Information


When a student is brought to the hospital, he/she will be assessed by emergency room staff. The hospital staff will determine whether or not the student is in danger of harming him/herself (or others). Based on this assessment, the student may or may not be hospitalized.

If a student is transported to the hospital for any suicidal gesture, ideation, statements, etc., the student’s emergency contact will be notified by the Office of Residence Life or the Counseling Center. The student will also be encouraged to call parents or guardians from the hospital.

If the student is not hospitalized, it is because the student has been assessed by the hospital staff as not suicidal or not harmful to him/herself or others.  Since the emergency contact has been notified, discharge will be according to hospital policy. If return transportation is not available, the University Police should be called at (412) 397-2424 to arrange transport of the student back to campus. 

The student and parents/guardians will meet with RMU Counseling Center staff the day of discharge or the next day, depending on time of discharge.  The purpose for these meetings is to assure, to the best of our ability, that the student has adequate support on campus. Even if the student has an off-campus psychiatrist and/or psychologist or therapist, the student will still meet with Counseling Center staff.

If the student is hospitalized, it’s because the hospital staff believe that the student is in danger of harming him/herself (or others). The designated emergency contact will be notified by the Office of Residence Life or the Counseling Center. 

Policy for Returning to Campus After Hospitalization        

Students who are seen at the emergency room and/or are hospitalized, and who do not wish to take a medical leave but feel ready to return to campus after a discharge from the hospital, must be evaluated for readiness to return to campus before they are permitted to resume living on campus or coursework. 

The process involves providing documentation from the hospital physician summarizing treatment and a medical opinion of the readiness of the student to return.  In order to provide this required information, please complete the Provider Assessment and Release Form (see link and instructions below).  Additionally, the student may be required to meet with a university official before he/she resumes classes or returns to the residence hall. This information will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean of Students or another designated university official and a decision will be made regarding whether the student will be permitted to return or will require a medical leave. 

If the student and his/her family disagree about a recommendation for medical leave, they may appeal the decision to the Dean of Student Life. If the Dean decides that it is inappropriate for the student to return to campus at this time, the student will be placed on a medical leave.

Click on the following link to complete and print the required Provider Assessment and Release Form:

The Provider Assessment and Release Form must be completed and signed by the attending physician prior to a student's return to campus after hospitalization.  Please provide your physician with either the electronic link or a hard copy of this form and ask them to complete the required information.  Upon completion, the form must be returned to the Counseling Center via mail or fax*, or if you prefer, you may bring the completed form with you to your appointment at the Counseling Center.  This document must be received in the Counseling Center prior to (or at the time of) your appointment.

*The return address/fax info is listed on the first page of the form.  

Local Hospital Information     

Heritage Valley Sewickley Hospital (Staunton Clinic)
720 Blackburn Road
Sewickley, PA 15143
(412) 741-6600 or (800) 771-HVHS (4847)

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

3811 O'Hara Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 624-2100

Other Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255) - 24/7 support

Re:solve Crisis Network
1-888-7-YOU CAN (1-888-796-8226) -
 24/7 support
Walk-in crisis services, and up to 72-hours of residential services (if referred after a walk-in), in North Braddock, PA
Mobile crisis support teams will travel anywhere in Allegheny County, PA

Text START to 741-741 - 24/7 support via text. 

Information about Suicide Prevention

The JED Foundation