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Alcohol 101 is a university course offered by the Outreach Specialist in the Counseling Center designed to educate participants about the effects and consequences that result from alcohol use and abuse.  The class is designed to prepare students to make informed decisions regarding their personal alcohol use to avoid the negative consequences associated with alcohol misuse.  Students are also introduced to the resources that are available on-campus and in the community.  Through discussions, demonstrations, and interactive activities, students develop a deeper understanding about their personal choices regarding alcoholic beverages.  Students do not need to register for Alcohol 101, but rather attend any of the below dates in the Salem Classroom.  

Alcohol 102
Alcohol 102 is a one-on-one, introspective meeting with the Outreach Specialist to discuss personal alcohol usage.  The meeting is designed for students who receive a second alcohol violation and have attended Alcohol 101 in the past.  During the meeting, the student and staff member will discuss such topics as decision making, the student's values and future goals.  Each student sanctioned to Alcohol 102 will also write a 2 page paper chronicling  their past decision making with their future goals.  Appointments for Alcohol 102 can be made by contacting Beth Lucas at counseling@rmu.edu.  

2013-2014 Academic Year Dates

Alcohol 101 Schedule