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All counseling, crisis intervention, and consultation services provided by the RMU Counseling Center are confidential. Records of services provided by Counseling Center clinicians may be viewed only by authorized staff members. These records are not shared with other offices or departments of the university and do not become part of any central university record.

No information about a student, including the fact that he/she has scheduled an appointment or sought services, may be released without that student’s written consent authorizing the release of information. 

However, there are circumstances when information may be released without a student client’s consent. Examples of such circumstances occur when:  

  • A student is in imminent danger of harming him/herself or others.
  • A student is unable to engage in appropriate, basic self-care.
  • A student has been referred for and agreed to receive an evaluation under applicable university procedures. In such cases the results of the evaluation will be shared with the student and university official or office who referred the student, such as Student Conduct, Dean of Students, or the Office of Residence Life.
  • A student’s records have been subpoenaed by a valid court order that has been received in the university’s Office of General Counsel. 
  • A clinician (psychologist, counselor, social worker, outreach specialist and/or psychiatrist) has reason to suspect that a student has been involved in the abuse or neglect of a child or an elder. 

While the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) do not apply to RMU Counseling Center services or records, we comply with all applicable laws and professional standards pertaining to the privacy of client information.

Counseling Center staff is available to talk with parents or guardians. Please note that student health and counseling records are confidential and can only be released with the signed permission of the student. If you wish to have your records released, please complete the Consent for Release of Information and bring the document with your signature to the counseling center.