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ADHD Policies

If you have not yet been evaluated/diagnosed for ADHD:

Please note that the Counseling Center does not solely provide ADHD medication management. A student must be engaged in concurrent therapy sessions to address ADHD and any other relevant issues. Students who feel they only need medication management are encouraged to find community providers. 

Proper documentation with proof of an ADHD diagnosis and/or treatment must be provided in order to receive treatment at the RMU Counseling Center for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).*  The Counseling Center cannot provide ADHD evaluations. Students are responsible for contacting an off-campus provider to request an evaluation and testing.  

Formal evaluation and diagnostic testing can often take several weeks or months to arrange and complete, and this process may or may not be covered by health insurance.  Students should contact their insurance carrier before beginning any psychological testing or evaluation.

If you have already been diagnosed:

Students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, and/or have previously been prescribed medication to treat ADHD, must undergo an assessment to initiate treatment at the Counseling Center. 

To schedule an initial appointment at the Center, students may call 412-397-5900.  At the initial appointment, proper documentation of an ADHD diagnosis and any prior treatment will be required.  Appropriate documentation includes all of the following from a previous provider:

  • Results of psychological testing
  • A summary of a clinical interview
  • Any relevant neuropsychological testing results
  • Medication history, including information about responses to medication and previous medication trials
  • A signed statement by the provider

This information should be compiled by completing all forms in the ADHD Packet (listed below):

Prior Treatment Record 

Release of Information - ADHD

ADHD Symptom Checklist *

ADHD Symptom Checklist - Significant Other Report *

Note that the ADHD Symptom Checklist - Significant Other Report should be completed by an individual of your choice (such as a partner or parent) who knows you well.

The completed ADHD Packet must be received by the Counseling Center prior to the scheduled appointment.  Following the initial session, the student will be referred for an appointment with the psychiatrist if appropriate.  During the initial meeting with the psychiatrist, the student will be asked to sign an agreement expressing an understanding and willingness to abide by the RMU Counseling Center policies.  Please print, sign, and bring this consent form with you to your initial meeting with the psychiatrist.

In instances where testing or documentation of ADHD is incomplete or unavailable, a referral for an evaluation and formal diagnostic testing will be required before a student meets with the psychiatrist and before any psychostimulant prescriptions can be written. This may affect students who have a childhood history of ADHD where medications have not recently been prescribed, or for those whom medication management has been suggested in the past.

Many students elect to engage or continue in pharmacotherapy and/or medication management services with a psychiatric or primary care provider (PCP) outside of the university.  Services with an off-campus provider may or may not be covered by health insurance.  Students should consult their insurance carrier for referral options.  

Medication Refills:

ADHD medication refills require seven (7) days notice, and are never rewritten on nights or weekends.  Students are expected to plan ahead if they are running low on medication.  There is a “no replacement” policy for lost or misplaced medications or prescriptions.

* ADHD Symptom Checklist copyright © 2003 World Health Organization.  Reprinted with permission of WHO.  All rights reserved.