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2017-2018 RHA Executive Board

Jessica Bauer
“As RHA President, I oversee all RHA events! Planning and organizing our on-campus event, like the Non-Alcoholic Mix Off or Sibs Weekend, helps this campus feel like home!”

Margo Gamble 
Director of Administration 
“As RHA Director of Administration, I oversee all of the program finances. I make sure that we stay on budget while also assisting in planning events as well.”

Michaela Lynch 
Director of Community Engagement 
“By taking on the role of the Director of Community Engagement, I have been given the opportunity to help advertise for our organization. I am also tasked with posting on our social media and planning events such as Comedy with a Cause. I am excited for a great year!”

Taylor Walters
Director of Advocacy 
“As the Director of Advocacy, I plan to advocate for the physical, mental, and social growth of residential students at RMU. I will lead in the Non-Alcoholic Mix-Off as well as assisting Paige with our annual Day of Service. My goal is to help residential students advocate for what they truly believe in!”

Shelby Divoky 
Development Director 
“As the Community Development Directors, we get to work to help bring together residence halls. We get to guide and help students take on leadership roles themselves in RHA by helping them put on their own hall events.”

Bethany Giombetti
Development Director 
“Working with other Community Development officers, I encourage students to become Hall Representatives where they can plan events and build community in their halls.”

Morgan Joy 
Development Director 
“As a Community Development director, I am looking forward to strengthening the community through programs and Hall Representatives. I am excited to be able to further develop my own leadership skills as well as our new hall reps.”

Paige Luellen 
Director of Service 
“As the Director of Community Service, I help students gain SET credit by doing events on and off campus! By playing with puppies at ‘Animal Friends,’ to crafting for different causes, there are many opportunities to grow as a person while helping others here at RMU.”

Holly Nedley
RHA Faculty Advisor
“As NCC Rep., I am the liason for RHA and CAACURH (RHA’s Business Conferences). I am also in charge of multiple RHA events across the semesters like he RHA Cookout or Battle of the Halls. My goal is too bridge the gap between RHA, CAACURH, and NRHH.”