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For More Information, Contact:

Office of Residence Life
Washington Hall
412-397-5252 phone
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Residence Hall Association

Our Mission

Welcome to RMU! RHA is one of the leading student organizations on campus whose purpose is to provide communication, education, leadership and community development opportunities for students in the residence hall community. Advised by the Office of Residence Life, RHA works to promote the university mission and values, and serves to meet the needs of the campus student population and overall student community.

The Residence Hall Association recognizes living on campus as an integral part of the college experience, and therefore strives to be the organization of choice for residence hall leaders by providing comprehensive resources for college and university students seeking to create the ultimate residence hall environment and experience.

2014-2015 RHA Leadership

As Executive Officers of the 2014-2015 RHA, please do not hesitate to contact us as we work support the mission and vision of Residence Life.

President Ms. Angela Clark
Vice-President Ms. Stephanie Abbott
Secretary Ms. Sydnee McKeever
Treasurer Mr. Francis Kimura
Communications Director 
Programming Director    
Ms. Rae Wohlfarth
Ms. Leah Marino 
Mr. Charles Forrester
Mrs. Elizabeth Holt

How do I get involved?

If you are a resident in the RMU residence halls, then you are already a member! We encourage you to come to our weekly meetings at 9:00 p.m. in Salem Hall Lower Lobby. You Can also get involved in an RHA Hall Council or with one of the programs put on by RHA.


RHA Events 2014-2015


1.     RHA Battle of the Halls Opening Ceremonies:

Gazebo and Sand Volleyball Court - September 15th 6:00pm

2.     RHA Battle of the Halls:

TBA-September 16th 6:00pm

3.     RHA Battle of the Halls:

TBA-September 17th 6:00pm

4.     RHA Hall Officer Elections

September 18th

5.     RHA Battle of the Halls:

Salem Hall Lower Lobby-September 18th 8:00pm

6.    RHA Battle of the Halls:

TBA-September 20th 2:00pm-6pm

7.     RHA Mocktail Competition:

PNC Colonial Cafe-October 22nd 7:00pm-10pm

8.     RHA Bingo Night

Salem Hall Lower Lobby-November 13th- 8:00pm

9.    RHA Welcome Back Celebration:

Salem Hall Lower Lobby-January 20th 8:00pm – 11:00 pm

10. Siblings Weekend:

February 20th

11.  Siblings Weekend:

February 21st 

12.  Siblings Weekend:

February 22nd

13.  RHA Easter Egg Hunt:

Nicholson Center-April 1st All day

14.  RHA Executive Board Elections:

April 9