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Office of Residence Life
Washington Hall
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Residence Hall Association

Our Mission

Welcome to RMU! RHA is one of the leading student organizations on campus whose purpose is to provide communication, education, leadership and community development opportunities for students in the residence hall community. Advised by the Office of Residence Life, RHA works to promote the university mission and values, and serves to meet the needs of the campus student population and overall student community. 

The Residence Hall Association recognizes living on campus as an integral part of the college experience, and therefore strives to be the organization of choice for residence hall leaders by providing comprehensive resources for all students seeking to create the ultimate residence hall environment and experience.


                                2016-2017 RHA Executive Board

RHA President   Vincent Passerini
Director of Administration   Matthew Marterella
Director of Engagement  Samantha Kelly 
Director of Development  Sydnee McKeever 
Director of Advocacy  Emily Carney
Director of Service  Taylor Walters 
NCC  Eric  Stauffer
Co-Advisors Charles Forrester
  Andrew Sokolich
  Holly Nedley 

We have a lot of ideas in the work for the upcoming Fall semester! 
If you have anything you want to see on campus, email us! 
Have a Fun and Safe Summer!