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Peaceful Demonstrations

Robert Morris University recognizes and encourages free and open expression among all members of the University community. This expression is extended to the privilege of assembly or demonstration. As a private institution of higher learning, Robert Morris University reserves the right to establish guidelines which will guarantee and protect the safety, security and well-being of its members. To these ends the following have been adopted:
  1. Demonstrations and assemblies must be registered with the Office of Student Life no less than five days prior to the desired event date and start time.  Any student(s) wishing to submit a request must do so by completing the appropriate Request Form.  Any University facilities, rooms, or spaces must be reserved through the Office of Student Life. Requests will not be granted to those using pseudonyms, anonymity, or unrecognized local affiliates of third party organizations.  The Office of Student Life will only grant requests made by RMU students and/or officially recognized RMU student organizations. Such requests shall be made using the University’s official Policy on Peaceful Demonstrations Request Form.

  2. When the Office of Student Life grants a request for facilities, rooms, or space to hold an event, the event must comply with the usual requirements and limitations of the facility, room, or space, including occupancy limits and safety code compliance.  All requests must also be approved by the RMU Police Department.

  3. Any demonstration or assembly on the campus must be peaceful and not present a hazard to the safety of others or risk damage to property. Participants may not incite or provoke violence or physical response. Participants may not cause or allow to continue any unduly disruptive, loud, or unusual noise that disturbs the peace of others.

  4. Demonstrations and assemblies must be respectful of the rights and differing points of view of others. Participants may not advocate for violence against individuals or groups.

  5. Demonstrations and assemblies may not prevent the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic to and from the campus, its buildings or facilities. Demonstrations and assemblies may not disrupt or obstruct teaching, research, or administration of the university including, but not limited to, university activities and events.

  6. Outside persons (i.e., individuals other than RMU students) are not welcome to join demonstrations or assemblies at Robert Morris University unless invited officially by the Office of Student Life.

Students and organizations who fail to comply with this policy will be considered in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and subject to disciplinary sanctions.

Effective: 9/2017

Peaceful Demonstration Request Form