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Freedom of Expression Statement

At Robert Morris University, individuals matter. We endeavor to provide our community with an experience where each unique individual can find, and ultimately express, their voice. Our community grows through the free exchange of ideas. To best achieve that growth, differing ideas must clash, arguments must develop, and expression must flourish.

The free exchange of ideas should challenge our community’s minds. That exchange should not, however, place any member of our community in physical danger. Some ideas, and the means in which they are expressed, might make us uncomfortable. That discomfort is a crucible that serves to mold stronger critical thinkers and orators.  That said, RMU will not condone expression that, for example, violates the law or defames, harasses, or threatens an individual or group of individuals.

In order to comply with the law, and to ensure that RMU’s day-to-day operations continue without undue interruption, please see the following policies and procedures for holding events and demonstrations on campus:

Code of Student Conduct

Declaration of Integrity Policy on Peaceful Demonstrations

Political and Campaign Events Solicitation For Faculty and Part-time Faculty, please see your collective bargaining agreements for reference to                    Academic Freedom