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Fire Safety Equipment & Procedures

Each residence hall room is equipped with a fire alarm system. There are also fire extinguishers available throughout each building. Adams, Braddock, Concord, Hamilton, Hancock, Lexington, Madison, and Monroe Halls are also equipped with a sprinkler system.

If a student detects a fire, they should use the following procedures:

RESCUE - If it is safe to do so, RESCUE persons who may need assistance.
ALARM - If you discover a fire, activate the nearest Fire ALARM.
CONTAIN - CONTAIN the spread of smoke/fire by closing windows and doors.
EVACUATE - All occupants must EVACUATE the building upon heaering the fire alarm.
  • Inform the staff member on duty of Public Safety about the nature and the location of the fire. If you cannot locate the staff member on duty, any staff member will assume responsibility.
  • Treat a fire alarm as though a serious condition exists. You may have no indication which is a real alarm and which is a drill. Failure to leave the building for any reason when a fire alarm goes off may result in disciplinary action

Every resident must abide by the following procedures when a fire alarm sounds.
  • Before you leave you room:
    Turn on the overhead lights
    Close your windows
    Put on weather appropriate attire, including shoes
    Carry a large towel for ead and face protection against flames and smoke
  • Close and lock your door as you leave.
  • Evacuated students must leave the building and should stand at least 50 feet away.
  • Students should not return to the building until instructed to do so by staff from the Office of Residence Life, Public Safety, or other University administration.

Tampering with Fire Safety Equipment
Tampering with fire safety equipment, activating a false alarm, or discharging extinguishers is strictly prohibited and poses an immediate safety risk for residents and their belongings. Individuals found responsible for such activities may face immediate suspension from housing and/or the university and possible criminal prosecution.