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Philosophy of Residence Life

The Residence Life program at Robert Morris University is based upon the understanding that a student's living environment has a significant impact on learning and personal development. Our Residence Life program is focused on supporting residents in their academic programs as well as pro-actively working to contribute to their personal growth and development. Residence Life staff members are educators and advisors working to promote a living-learning community. In this community, the process of learning mature roles and responsibilities is enhanced and the academic curriculum of the University is enriched.

A resident's growth and development will be achieved in as many ways as there are individuals. Maintaining the integrity of the individual is an objective of our program and the University as a whole. Each residence hall represents a different set of needs, abilities and interests. Progress toward meeting the objectives of Residence Life is achieved by staff members who can recognize needs and implement special projects and programs to meet such needs. The Residence Life program strives to develop a climate where students can grow and broaden their abilities and interests. The living-learning community fosters an atmosphere, which allows for each resident individual freedom while still valuing the group living situation.

Mission Statement
Residence Life promotes community and student development by creating an integrative environment that enriches the overall collegiate experience of students. Through collaborative programs and services within the Division of Student Life, the department shall foster the intellectual, social, and emotional well-being of students. Specifically, our primary efforts include:
  • Encouraging and challenging students to become actively involved in the community of learners as responsible, contributing, and benefiting members.
  • Increasing awareness and appreciation of human diversity; promoting the value of multicultural perspectives in all aspects of campus life.
  • Providing educational and practical leadership development opportunities; preparing students to assume ethical and effective leadership roles in society.
  • Facilitating the development of life skills and healthy life-style practices that contribute to the pursuit of academic, occupational and personal goals.

The purpose of Residence Life is to create and maintain a living and learning environment that is supportive of and responsive to students in the educational goals. The primary thrust of the department is to provide well maintained, secure housing by a dedicated staff and to offer a variety of programs that enhance the individual student experience, personal growth and sense of community.

  • To provide and maintain a safe, attractive living environment that meets the safety, security and physical needs of our residents.

  • To ensure the effective management of all resources and efficient utilization of our residence hall facilities.

  • To create an interpersonal environment which encourages self-responsibility, advocacy for individual differences, and the opportunity to live together cooperatively, and communicate meaningfully to facilitate the process of community development.

  • To promote a residence hall atmosphere which is conducive to academic achievement and intellectual stimulation.

  • To provide a staff that is responsive to individual students and that supports the living/learning environment and expands upon programs that personalize the University experience for students, thereby enhancing retention.

  • To provide leadership and expand educational programs related to significant life and societal issues- relationships, community, substance abuse, self-esteem, civic responsibility, diversity, career development, and first year transitions.

  • To interpret the University environment- policies, regulations, and administrative decisions to students and to articulate student attitudes, actions, and needs to the University community.

  • To encourage, promote, and expand opportunities for faculty/staff interaction outside the classroom through co-curricular activities and special interest living options.

  • To uphold behavioral and community standard within the judicial system which meets the developmental needs of students while protecting the rights of the residence and University community.