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Fees & Rates

2014-2015 Room Fees

Double Occupancy
Double Occupancy - Braddock Hall 
Double Occupancy - Yorktown Hall                   

$2,820 per semester
$2,310 per semester
$3,500 per semester
Private Occupancy $4,080 per semester
Apartments $4,245 per semester

2014-2015 Meal Plan Rates

Revolutionary Plan $3,085 per semester
Patriot Meal Plan $2,305 per semester
Jefferson Meal Plan $2,100 per semester
Liberty Meal Plan $1,830 per semester
Revere Meal Plan $1,480 per semester
Commuter Meal Plan $250 per semester

A student executing a Housing Contract is required to maintain one of the resident student meal plans as published. A student who terminates his/her housing contract prior to the close of the business on the first Friday of a semester, will be refunded the full amount of the designated meal plan provided that only normal usage of the meal plan has occurred until the time of cancellation. Any excessive use of the meal plan, as defined by the usage chart provided by the University, shall be deemed the student's responsibility and will be billed directly to his/her student account. If a student terminates residency status beyond this date, but remains a student of the University, his/her meal plan will remain active for the student's use until the completion of the term in which the cancellation was processed. If the student processes a complete University withdrawal beyond the close of business on the first Friday of a semester, the student's meal plan change will be forfeited. If the student is dismissed from the University or the residence halls for disciplinary reasons, the student and/or parent/guardian will not be relieved from the obligation to pay all meal plan charges for the semester in which the student is dismissed.
The deadline to request a meal plan change for the Spring 2015 semester is January 16, 2015 at 5:00 pm.