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Pre-Orientation Program: RMU Lead

RMU-Lead Pre-Orientation Program
August 19-22, 2018

Ease your transition from high school to college life at RMU;
Jump-start your Robert Morris University career by participating in the RMU-Lead pre-orientation program before the University’s formal orientation begins.  The RMU-Lead program is an optional opportunity that takes place just before orientation for all first-year and transfer students and is focused on campus involvement and leadership development.  The program will help students to:

  • Connect you with fellow students who share similar interests;
  • Develop a strong network with both peers, faculty, and staff members prior to the start of classes; 
  • Learn from and be mentored by upper-level students;
  • Develop an appreciation for diversity and a global perspective; 
  • Get excited and be confident about your decision to attend RMU!

This experience is ideal for new RMU students looking to continue their track record of being a student leader. Our goal is that RMU-Lead participants start classes comfortable with RMU’s campus, connected to dozens of fellow RMU students,curious about who you will become with an RMU education, and confident that you will learn & succeed at Robert Morris University.

Programming will focus on making connections with other emerging and current student leaders, adapting to the changes that come with college courses, sharing a unique experience in nearby downtown Pittsburgh, and of course further developing the leader you already are!

Who is eligible? All incoming freshmen and transfer students not already committed to an RMU program that requires an early move-in during RMU-Lead. These include the honors program, band, dance team, cheerleaders, Early Success Program (ESP), or fall athletics.

For More Information, Contact: 

Scott Irlbacher
Director of Special Programs & Student Community Standards