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Multicultural Student Organizations

 At Robert Morris University we offer a number of multicultural student organizations for students. The purpose of these organizations is to develop and sponsor cultural, social, and educational programming for the RMU community that will broaden the horizons of others and raise awareness about important issue that face each particular population.

Asian Student Association

Asian Student Association focuses on supporting students who identify or support Asian culture.  The group plans and coordinates a variety of interactive programs with an emphasis on education and cultural awareness towards Asiatic countries.  

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) promotes a sense of unity among African American students, provides a forum for social and educational opportunities related but not limited to Black issues.  Membership is not exclusive to only African American students; the BSU is open to all RMU students!  

Carpe Mundum

Carpe Mundum (Seize the World) focuses on supporting international students and student with an interest in different cultures and nations.  The group plans and coordinates a variety of interactive programs with an international flare to enrich student life on campus. The goal is to enhance international understanding and friendships at RMU, while also promoting awareness and understanding of the international student community.  

Claddagh Club

Claddagh Club provides fellowship, education, and entertainment for those with an interest in Ireland and all things Irish.  Through programming and events, the Claddagh Club will promote an understanding of Irish history, culture, and enduring contributions to planet Earth.  Members will be brought together through a mutual interest in Ireland, and have hope to remain lifelong friends and forever dedicated to the land of saints and scholars.   

Saudi Student Club

Saudi Student Club is a non-profit student organization that provides social and cultural activities to the Saudi community at Robert Morris University.  Their goal is to help newcomers adjust to life in Moon Township and to provide them with information and support.  They promote community ties by holding a variety of social and cultural events every month to develop and foster community spirit. 

Student Alliance for Equality

The Student Alliance For Equality (SAFE) focuses on promoting equal treatment for the   lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LBGTQ) community.  SAFE hosts a support network for LGBT students and their allies on campus through educational, social projects and programs.  Goals for the organization include educating the campus population on LGBTQ issues, creating a safe place for LGBTQ students to express themselves, helping the community through service, and creating a general attitude of acceptance on this campus.  

Voci Italiane

Voci Italiane provides fellowship, education and entertainment for those with an interest in Italy and all things Italia.  Voci Italiane holds many events and programs that promote an understanding of the rich history, culture and significant contributions that many Italians have made to the world.  Members will be brought together through a sense of commitment and love of all things Italian and to promote a sense of family throughout the RMU community.