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Director's Welcome

Hello RMU Scholars and Families,

My name is Fred Hodges, Jr. and I am delighted serve as the Director for the Office of Multicultural Student Services. This is my pledge to build an exciting and responsive environment for programs and activities designed to promote student engagement and success for the entire campus community. Most importantly, to bridge gaps, where we no longer focus on "differences" but, celebrate our similarities which will draw us closer to a one campus experience. I am also committed to creating a supportive and inviting environment for you. I invite you to drop into the Student Life Office and say hello and to let me know how we may meet your needs and exceptions.

You will find our educational and personal support workshops, guest speakers, support of cultural events and clubs/organizations useful. The purpose of the office is to foster a sense of community, within and among students of all races, genders and national origins. The office seeks to provide students with truly unique cultural experiences. We encourage students to embrace their own culture, while learning about the cultures of others. We provide a supportive environment where individual growth and cultural expression is encouraged and academic excellence expected.
Our mission in the Office of Multicultural Student Services is to create an environment where individual differences are embraced, everyone holds an inclusive mindset, and all students despite their differences, feel free to immerse themselves in the RMU community experience. We take this to heart and are committed to providing the necessary programs and services to assure our mission is met. Multicultural Student Services seeks to enhance the college experience for all Robert Morris University students by introducing them to the benefits of diversity. Intertwined within the program are social, educational, and leadership events and opportunities designed to help students have a greater appreciation for themselves and for those sharing the world with them. Multicultural Student Services has been, and will continue to be, an agent of positive change in the Robert Morris University community.

Director, Multicultural Student Services