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First-Year Seminar Program

FYSP1000 is a course designed to increase the first year students success in the University by helping them build the skills necessary to reach their educational goals. The seminar is a part of the University's orientation program and is designed to assist students in developing educational objectives and matching them with career goals.  First-Year Seminar introduces students to necessary tools as well as the framework of resources/opportunities on campus and assists students in the transition into their chosen profession.

More specifically, this course is designed to:

  • Provide strategies to help students set realistic, attainable goals;
  • Assist students in developing the professional and academic skills that will enable them to attain their professional goals;
  • Identify the campus resources and support network facilitating academic, professional, and personal growth;
  • Identify out-of-classroom campus opportunities and experiences that support educational and professional goals;
  • Facilitate understanding of the relationship between social responsibility, community service, and professional development; and
  • Show the value of working and interacting with people of different cultures on campus and in the work force.
To maximize learning potential, students will be required to:
  • Attend all class sessions;
  • Participate in classroom and group activities;
  • Meet with a student organization leader, member of governance, or mentor about activities on campus;
  • Complete Campus Clarity:  Think About It online;
  • Create a professional college resume;
  • Register an account on ColonialTrak; and
  • Attend an academic advising session.
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