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First-Year Seminar Program (FYSP)
FYSP1000 is a course designed to increase the first year student success in the University by helping them build the skills necessary to reach their educational goals. The mission of the program is to give students the tools to thrive at Robert Morris University and prepare them to excel in life. Ideally, students who complete the First-Year Seminar Program will have a deeper understanding of higher learning, a personal definition of success, and the tools to navigate life at RMU and after.        
More specifically, this course is designed to:
  • Provide strategies to help students set realistic, attainable goals;
  • Clarify a major of study to better prepare for a career path;
  • Assist students in developing the professional and academic skills that will enable them to attain their professional goals;
  • Identify the campus resources and support network facilitating academic, professional, and personal growth;
  • Identify out-of-classroom campus opportunities and experiences that support educational and professional goals;
  • Facilitate understanding of the relationship between social responsibility, community service, and professional development; and
  • Show the value of working and interacting with people of different cultures on campus and in the work force.
To maximize learning potential, students will be required to:
  • Attend all class sessions;
  • Participate in classroom and group activities;
  • Take thorough notes;
  • Be reflective on the FYSP experience;
  • Develop a wellness plan and be mindful of the self and others; and
  • Improve critical thinking skills and expand knowledge of multiple perspectives.

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