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In cases where an individual’s behavior poses an imminent danger to yourself or others, contact the University Police immediately at
 (412) 397-2424.

When to Make a Report

Faculty and staff are encouraged to report any incident or behavior that may require an intervention or is of concern. The CARE Team uses these reports to assist the student, while also considering the behavior’s impact on the greater campus community. The following behaviors may be signs that a student is in distress. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive, and potential reporters should use their best judgment when deciding to make a report.

Physical signs of distress
  • A dramatic increase or decrease in energy level 
  • Noticeable changes in hygiene or personal appearance 
  • Substantial changes in weight 
  • Recurrent state of alcohol intoxication (i.e. drowsy, hung-over, smelling of alcohol) 
  • Observable cuts, bruises, or burns 
  • Falling asleep in class or other inopportune times
Emotional signs of distress
  • Expressions of hopelessness, fear, or worthlessness 
  • Themes of suicide, death, and dying in papers/projects 
  • Inappropriate/unprovoked emotional outbursts 
  • More withdrawn or more animated than usual 
  • Direct statements indicating distress, family problems, or other difficulties 
  • Peer report of a concern about a fellow student
Academic signs of distress
  • Deterioration in quality/quantity of work or grades 
  • Missed assignments or exams 
  • Frequent absences 
  • Disorganized or erratic performance 
  • Decline in enthusiasm in class or at work 
  • Sends frequent, lengthy, angry, or threatening types of emails 
  • Continual seeking of special provisions (i.e. late papers/projects, extended deadlines)

Potentially Suicidal Students

According to the Suicide Prevention Policy, any RMU employee who becomes aware of a suicide threat or gesture, whether written, verbal, or behavioral, must contact the Counseling Center immediately at:

(412) 397-5900 – during business hours (or you may walk the student to the Counseling Center located in Nicholson Center Suite 259)
or call the University Police after business hours

How do I know whether it is a CARE Team issue or not?

The CARE Team will make this decision; your only responsibility is to make a report. If there is a more appropriate campus resource for the individual, CARE Team members will make a referral and relay the necessary information. When in doubt, make a report.