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When to Make a Report
How to Submit a Report
CARE Team Report Form

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In cases where an individual’s behavior poses an imminent danger to yourself or others, contact the University Police immediately at
 (412) 397-2424.

How to Submit a Report

Any faculty or staff member who has a significant concern about a student can make a report to the CARE Team. To submit a report, please complete the CARE Team Report Form and provide as much information as possible. A representative of the CARE Team may reach out to you if additional information is needed.

Some important information to consider when submitting a report:
  • Use direct quotes if possible
  • Provide names and contact information of additional witnesses
  • Always save related voicemails, photos, text messages, and emails on the device that received them in case the CARE Team needs to review them; please reference these in your report
According to the Suicide Prevention Policy, any RMU employee who becomes aware of a suicide threat or gesture, whether written, verbal, or behavioral, must contact the Counseling Center at:

(412) 397-5900 – during business hours (or you may walk the student to the Counseling Center located in Nicholson Center Suite 259)
(412) 397-5925 – confidential emergency line for after-hours use by RMU employees only*
*Please note that the emergency line is for RMU faculty and staff only, and it should not be shared with students.

What happens when I make a report?

CARE Team members receive your report and use the information to make a determination about appropriate action. The goal is to assist the student while ensuring the safety of the campus community. At times, the CARE Team may determine that there is no need to take further action but will continue to monitor the situation or concern.

Are reports to the CARE Team confidential?

The CARE Team will take appropriate steps to maintain the privacy of those who make a report, but in some situations, the reporter’s identity may be evident to the student. In accordance with privacy laws, CARE Team members cannot usually share outcomes with those who make an incident report.

Similarly, those making a report should never promise confidentiality to a student during the CARE Team report process, especially regarding suicidal/homicidal ideation or child abuse. Your full disclosure is important to the accuracy of the report and the potential outcome, and many of the situations listed above fall outside the realm of protected confidentiality.*

*Please note that some reports may be subject to mandated reporting under Title IX guidelines.