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General Playing Rules
  • A team consists of 8 -12 players, with a minimum of 3 females per team. A minimum of 6 is needed to start and continue a game. The team’s must have at least two females on the field at all times.
  • Games are 7 innings or 1 hour.
  • Extra innings will start with the offensive team placing the last out of the previous inning on second base. The inning will then start with a runner on second base with one out.
  • Each team gets 3 outs per inning. Kickers must remain in the same kicking order throughout the game. Teams must kick male/female throughout the lineup.
  • The batter is out in situations similar to softball (forceouts, popouts, etc). In addition, a runner is out when he/she is hit by a thrown ball below the waist.
  • The ball is put in play when the pitcher rolls the ball toward home plate and the batter attempts to kick the ball. The batter must wait for the ball to be within 3 feet of home plate before kicking it.
  • If the batter does not like the pitch (too bouncy or not close to the plate), he/she should not attempt to kick the ball.
  • Another pitch will be thrown. Pitchers and batters will be warned if pitches are too bouncy or hitters are being too picky.
  • There are no strikeouts or walks. Batters will have 3 chances to put the ball in play. 3 fouls is an out. Fouls include any attempt to kick the ball, regardless of results.
  • A runner who leaves the base before the pitch reaches home plate or is kicked, is an out. No leading off or stealing.
  • Runners may not try to knock the ball out of a defenders hand when trying to be tagged out. The runner will be called out and the ball will be dead. If an umpire decides the act was intentional to allow another runner to advance or be safe, they may decide to call the other runner out or force them to return to the previous base.
  • There will be an imaginary line between first base and third base that no defender can cross until the ball is kicked. If they do so, and the ball is put in play, the batter will be awarded first base.
  • No bunting. An attempted bunt will be an automatic out, even if it is kicked foul.
  • Each team may bat up to 10 batters.