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Intramural Sports Handbook

This handbook will inform you of the many Intramural sports opportunities that are available at the University. These activities provide students with rewarding and enjoyable competition and recreation in men's, women's and coed sports. This year I plan to offer Soccer, Kickball, Flag-Football, Dodgeball, Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball, Bowling, Mini-Golf, Deck Hockey and Volleyball intramural sports.

The department also sponsors special sporting events throughout the year. These events include Wii nights, as well as ping-pong and pool tournaments. Facilities are available to students for fitness, aerobics, weight training, and other recreational activities.

I encourage you to participate in the Robert Morris University Intramural program and I look forward to seeing you on the field or court. Please feel free to stop in the Campus Recreation Office, located in the Jefferson Center, for additional information about our program.

Armand Buzzelli
Director of Campus Recreation

Athletic and recreational facilities may be reserved on evenings and weekends by student organizations. Reservations must be made in advance through the Office of Student Life.

Equipment Loan
The Student Life Office has recreational equipment for loan (basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, etc.). In order to check out the equipment, you must provide a valid RMU Student ID. The ID will be held on file until the equipment is returned.

Lost and Found
Lost and found is located in Office of Student Life in the Nicholson Center.

Intramural sports are a fun-filled, recreational experience open to all currently enrolled students.

Ungraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of nine credits. All participants must have a physical examination on file in Student Health Services. Participants must sign off on a waiver before the Intramural season begins.

Varsity Rule
Any student who participates in a Divisional I varsity sport or is on the roster from September through May is ineligible to participate in that same or similar sport during the same period or during the following school year September through May. This includes proposition 48 players.

Any special circumstances not covered by the above rules must have the approval of Intramural Staff.

General Information
Rules and Schedules
Rules governing each sport will be provided at the Captain's meeting. NCAA and NIRSA rules govern Intramural sports play, with necessary exceptions, to ensure safety and more continuous play.

Game schedules will be posted on the website, in the Office of Student Life, and will be published in RMUTalks/Chalk Talk.

Only protests regarding player's eligibility will be considered. A protest must be submitted during the contest or within 24 hours following the contest in question to be considered. Questions that arise on the field of play concerning rules, interpretations, and officiating will be decided immediately by the Direcor of Campus Recreation or by the Student Assistant on duty. All decisions are final.

Entering Tournaments and Intramural Sports
To enter an Intramural tournament, you need to submit a valid roster. Rosters are available in the Campus recreation Office, on the website, or in RMUTalks/Chalk Talk.