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Indoor Soccer

FIELD: Basketball Court located in Gus Krop Gym.

  1. Each team shall consist of five (5) players. This will be INCLUDING a goalkeeper. Teams must have at least a minimum of three (3) players at the designated time of the contest or the game will be forfeited. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME. All teams must be “Ready to Play” at the scheduled time of the match.
  2. NO VARSITY SOCCER PLAYERS are eligible to participate on any team. If a listed Varsity Soccer player participates for an Intramural Indoor Soccer team, then that team WILL FORFEIT any games played and will be subject to removal from the Intramural program.
  3. There is no limit on the number of substitutes. Substitutes may be made at any time. A substitute may not enter the court until the player substituting is completely off the court. All substitutes MUST ENTER from the half court area. Penalty: Failure to substitute from the correct area and time will result in a Yellow Card being issued and indirect kick will be taken at the point of the infraction.

  1. A player shall not wear anything that is dangerous to another player on the field (i.e. loose chains, rings, watches, headwear that contains any hard, stiff material including billed hats or items containing exposed knots). ALL JEWELRY MUST BE REMOVED. Participants wearing illegal equipment will be required to sub off (whether a sub is available or not) until the next substitution opportunity after the jewelry is removed. Any type of cast is considered illegal equipment. Braces must be covered and padded. All shin guards made of hard substances (plastic etc.) must be covered entirely by stockings.
  2. Players must wear athletic type shoes that cover the foot completely. The Intramural Sport Supervisor will have final judgment on legal footwear.
  3. Shin guards – For safety reasons, shin guards are highly recommended but not required.
  4. Teams are required to wear jerseys with numbers. If a team does not have jerseys with numbers, the Recreational Sports Department will provide pennies with numbers for any player of a team who is not compliant.
  5. Indoor soccer balls will be used. Soccer balls will be provided by the Recreational Sports Department.

  1. The game shall consist of two (2) equal periods of eighteen (15) minutes each; with a two (2) minute half-time. The clock will only stop if the referee has to discontinue the game or if a player is injured. Additional time will be added to clock by the discretion of the official for injury (a maximum of one (1) minute shall be added to the game clock).
  2. The choice of ends or possession of ball is determined by the flip of a coin prior to game time.
  3. NO SLIDING is allowed. Players may not leave their feet or slide when executing a tackle. Any infraction of this rule will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team. Penalty: The player who is called for sliding will receive an automatic YELLOW CARD.
  4. Ties: ALL games will be played until a winner is determined. The two teams shall play one-five minute overtime and if the game is still tied, then both teams will go to a sudden death period.