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General Playing Rules
  • 12 player roster limit. 5 players plus a goalie on the court at one time.
  • No player, except the goalie, is allowed in the goal area.
  • The game is played for two, twenty minute halves, with a running clock and one time out per team per half.
  • A player may go into the game for another player at any time without reporting.
  • The ball is played with the hands, but it may also be touched or played with any part of the body, except the legs below the knees and the feet (Exception-goalie).
  • A player may fly into the goal area to shoot the ball, but may not touch the shooting line before the ball is released.
  • No player is allowed to dive for the ball to gain possession, or tip it to another player or goalie.
  • On the throw in from out of bounds, the player must hold the ball above the head and both heels must remain on the floor.
  • Penalty Throw-----any member of the offended team on the playing floor may take the penalty throw.
  • Overtime period is 5 minutes. Each team receives an additional timeout.
  • The referee does not handle the ball, except on penalty throws and the start of each half.
  • Goalie puts the ball in play: Once the goalie puts the ball in play, he may not receive the ball again unless he is outside the goal area.
  • Loose ball: The rules clearly state that no one may knock the ball from another player's hand to gain possession. If the ball is loose, then both teams have an equal right to the ball, and if both teams gain possession at the same time (jump ball), the ball goes to the offensive team.
  • 3 Second Rule: Moving more than 3 steps with the ball; holding the ball for more than 3 seconds; dribbling the ball more than 3 times.
  • Technical fouls: 1st "T" 2 minutes in the penalty box (team plays shorthanded); 2nd "T" kicked out of game and a one game suspension; 3 "T's" on same team is automatic forfeit.
  • Grace Period: A 10 minute wait to field a team. Minimum of 5 players on the court for a team. 4 or less results in a forfeit.