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Flag Football

General Playing Rules

  • 12 players max, 5 on the field at a time.
  • Rosters frozen after first game.
Game Play
  • Length: 2 twenty minute halves.
  • Overtime: Each team will have three tries to score from the 20 yard line. If the team scores it will have the option to go for either a one or two point conversion. If the game reaches a third overtime, teams will be required to attempt a two point conversion after a score.
  • Protests: All decisions on the field are final except for eligibility protests.
  • Forfeits: Must play with at least 4 players. There will be a 10 minute grace period.
  • Scoring:
    • Touchdowns are worth 6 points
    • PAT: From 2 yard line = 1 point, from 10 yard line = 2 points
    • Safety = 2 points
    • Defensive TD on a PAT = 2 points
  • Five Downs:
    • Each team has 5 downs to move the ball the length of the field.
    • There are no 1st downs.
    • There are no field goals or punting, after 4 downs, teams can either go for the TD or give the ball to their opponent on their 20 yard line.
  • Fumbles: Fumbled ball is dead when it hits the ground. Possession goes to the team that last had control of the ball.
  • Player is Down When:
    • The player's flag is pulled off.
    • The ball carrier's knee hits the ground.
    • A player is touched with one hand after his/her flag inadvertently falls off.
  • Blocking: THERE IS NO BLOCKING!!!
  • Holding: The defense may not hold the ball carrier to pull the flag
  • Ball Carrier: No straight arms or knocking away the hand of the defensive player as to impede his progress to pull the flag.
  • Pass Receivers: All players are eligible to receive a pass.
  • Rush of Passer:
    • Those rushing the passer must line up four yards from the line of scrimmage (this will be marked).
    • The defender can begin his rush after the referee counts to 4 seconds and gives the okay.
    • Each team gets one blitz per 5 downs. (The defender does not have to wait the 4 seconds to rush).
  • Line of Scrimmage: You must have 3 players at the line of scrimmage.
  • Timeouts: Each team has one timeout per half (not accumulating).