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General Playing Rules


  • Teams will be made up of 6-12 players.

  • 6 players will compete on a side, for Co-Rec 3 guys and 3 girls

  • Teams may play with 5, for Co-Rec 3 guys and 2 girls or 2 guys and 3 girls

  • Substitutes during a game are allowed only in the case of an injury.


  • The game will be played on the volleyball court in John Jay Gym (the white lines on the court).

  • Players must remain inside the court during play. Players may exit the endline to retrieve a stray ball. The player must also re-enter the court through the endline. Players cannot be hit while outside the court.

  • If players are caught stalling outside of the court, a warning will be issued. The next player to stall after a warning will be called out by the official. If a team continues to get called for stalling they will forfeit the match.


  • Matches will be a best of 7 format.

  • Each game will last 3 minutes or until one team loses all of its players. The team with the most players after 3 minutes will be declared the winner.

  • Tiebreaker: If there is a tie after 3 minutes a sudden death format will be used directly following the 3 minutes. The next team to lose a player will lose that game.

  • The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them out. This may be done by:

  • Hitting an opposing player with a *live thrown ball below the shoulders (If a player ducks or dodges and is hit above the shoulders, he or she may be out based on the judgment of the official).

  • Catching a *live ball thrown by your opponent.

  • Causing an opponent to drop a held ball as result in contact a thrown ball

  • Players are eliminated for stepping out of bounds, including over the center line.

  • Players can also be eliminated for excessive stalling.

    *A live ball is one that has been thrown and has not touched anything; the ground, another ball, another player, official or other item outside the playing field. (A player may catch a *live ball 

    that hits them, but may not touch anything: the ground, another ball or another person, for it to be considered a legal catch)

  • If a member a team catches a live thrown ball, that team will be allowed to return one of their players.

  • Teams can never have more than six players on the court at a time.

  • Players must re-enter the game in a First Out, First In method. (The first player ruled out, must be the first player to return).

  • The only exception to the First Out, First In rule is if the team has substitute players. This team can choose to enter any player that has not yet played in that particular game.

  • Players re-entering a game must do so in a timely manner and must enter the court through the endline.

  • Survivor: If the last remaining player for a team avoids being eliminated for 30 seconds, his/her whole team comes back into the game (This rule is only in effect once a game for each team).