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Basketball (5 on 5)

General Playing Rules
  1. Twelve (12) players per roster, maximum.
  2. All games: Two 20 minute halves, with a running clock, except for the final 2 minutes of each half, time outs and technical fouls.
  3. Teams may play the game with a minimum of four (4) players. If a team fails to field at least 4 players before the 10-minute grace period expires, it is a forfeit. Two (2) forfeits and the team is dropped from the league.
  4. Each team is allowed 2 time-outs per half and 1 additional time-out for each over-time period of 5 minutes.
  5. Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls, on the 5th called foul the player has fouled out. Technical fouls count as personal fouls. See rule 9 on technicals.
  6. The league uses the 3-point play... a field goal clearly outside the 3-point line with the absolute discretion of the referees.
  7. All players must be Robert Morris students, faculty or staff. See Student Handbook for varsity rule.
  8. Players must have a signature on file on the team roster/waiver form.
  9. TECHNICALS: Any player that accumulates 2 (two) technicals in the same game is automatically ejected from that game and draws a next game suspension. Any team that accumulates 3 (three) technicals in the same game automatically forfeits the game immediately. The forfeit counts as a forfeited game... see rule 3.
  10. Captains are responsible to report to the score bench with the starting line up before each game.
  11. Teams will be divided into 3 divisions (A, B, and C) according to skill level.
  12. Championship T-shirts will be awarded to the winning teams in both the men's and women's league to all players on the roster who have played in at least one game.
  13. Students interested in refereeing should contact Armand Buzzelli in the Student Life Office for assignment of games.
  14. FIGHTING... ejection from game and league.
  15. Rosters are frozen after the first game the team plays. Additions to the roster may be added before the team's first game, and the responsibility for medical clearance belongs to the team's captain.
  16. This is a NO PROTEST league... all decisions on the floor are final... Exception: an ineligible player.