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 Vince Passerini 
 Integrated Senior
 BS: Computer Information Systems
 Hometown: Rural Valley, PA 
 Fun Fact: I have traveled to 17 foreign countries 

 Paige Conrad 
 BS: Nursing
 Hometown: Clearfield, PA
 Fun Fact: My favorite shoes are crocs

 Jess Bauer
 BS: Advertising
 Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
 Fun Fact: I went to a performing arts high school for dance!
 Classes: Hip Hop Dance

 Virginia Fletcher
 BS: Industrial and Biomedical Engineering
 Hometown: Union City, PA
 Fun Fact: I grew up on a dairy farm, yet I am afraid of chickens

 Frances Mcpeek
 BS: Sports Psychology
 Hometown: Wellsville, OH
 Fun Fact: I have been a vegetarian for 5 years

 Dana Iuzzolino 
 Favorite thing about group exercise:
   “The energy that you create in the class becomes contagious and      it’s the best feeling when you help someone overcome                      boundaries, reach goals, and see them do something they                 thought they could not.” 

 Andriy Lasiychuk
Favorite thing about group exercise:
   “The ability to teach students to perform exercises correctly and           safely.”
 Fun Fact: was born in Ukraine and I moved to America at 7 
 Craig Giles 
Favorite thing about group exercise:
   Seeing people achieve their health and fitness goals and being a      part of it"
 Fun Fact: My faith makes my life incredible. 
 Classes: Spinning

Sarah Cave 
Favorite thing about group exercise:
  Love the group atmosphere of classes and seeing participants       improve over time"
 Fun Fact: In college, I went backpacking for 24 days straight

John Stakeley 
Favorite thing about group exercise:
 I enjoy the students learning new karate techniques and working       together as a team"
 Fun Fact: I have been training in Martial Arts for over 30 years and       hold two black belts
 Classes: Karate

 Heather Taylor-Martin
Favorite thing about group exercise:
   My favorite thing about teaching group fitness is watching people      realize they are stronger than they thought!"
 Fun Fact: I am the world's best parallel parker! Any spot. Any day.

 Nora Barczak
 Year: Sophomore
 BS:  Psychology
 Fun Fact: I have traveled to Greece, Italy, and Spain
 Classes:   Move-it Escape Training

     Dylan Maulucci
     BS:   Data Analytics
     Fun Fact: Was on David Letterman's opening sequence back in         the early 90's.
     Classes: Wing Chun Kungfu

   Kathryn Gossel
   Year: Junior
   BS: Dual major in management and marketing
   Fun Fact: I am a professional ski instructor
   Classes: Mind & Body