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Chapel Policies

  1. The Chapel is primarily for the use of the University community and their use is given priority. The Chapel is not intended to replace churches, synagogues, and mosques, etc. Its use is to complement the religious and spiritual needs of our community.

  2. Other groups or individuals may request to use the Chapel for:
    • religious educational programs
    • weddings
    • memorial services

  3. Use of the Chapel for events other than those indicated above are at the discretion of the University and must be approved by the Office of Conference and Facilities Services and the Office of Student Life. Student groups or organizations may not use the Chapel for events without prior permission.

  4. The Chapel is a smoke-free building. Smoking in not permitted in the Chapel, offices or restrooms.

  5. The Chapel is not to be used as an academic study area, by individual or groups.

  6. The furniture may be moved and rearranged with permission of the Office of Conference and Facilities Services; the furniture may not be removed from the Chapel.

  7. Worship artifacts may be brought into the building as long as they do not damage the facility. Ceremonial structures should normally be constructed for transport to the Chapel. Normal setup time should not take more than one hour prior to the service. The structure/s should be dismantled and removed after ceremonial use.

  8. The individuals scheduling Chapel use and the organizations they represent assume all responsibility for knowing and adhering to all University policies, including conduct of those attending the event and any resulting losses, damages or unusual expenses.

  9. Only authorized University personnel may remain in the Chapel after official closing time.

  10. All food must be provided by the University Food Service, unless prior written permission is granted.

  11. Alcohol may only be used for ceremonial and worship purposes.

  12. No print material may be hung on the walls or windows of the Chapel. All flyers and posters must be approved by the Office of Student Life and can only be displayed on easels or bulletin boards.

  13. Unauthorized soliciting of any kind is prohibited in The Rogal Chapel. Organizations are required to request written permission in advance from the Dean of Students to arrange or sponsor a sale or solicitation. As a private institution the University reserves the right to deny any organization or company access to the campus.

  14. Outside groups must apply for permission to use the Chapel and be approved by the Office of Conference and Facilities Services. Charges for outside groups will be mutually agreed upon by the University.
Failure to comply with the Chapel scheduling regulations and policies may result in the loss of scheduling privileges. Misuse of the Chapel will result in the loss of privileges.


To allow the Chapel to be used to the greatest extent and to provide service to as many students and organizations as possible, cancellations must be reported immediately to the Office of Conference and Facilities Services or Student Life.